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Growing up sucks

I was playing with my daughter today who is 3 and I realized how out of touch I am with my imagination. I was prince charming for an hour then I had to be the king and then I was a talking pig. At one point I sat back and thought wow I am old.
This weekend I made a tent out of chairs and blankets, a deer call from a toilet roll and string, also a pair of binos from two other rolls and a bow from a coat hanger. Maria shot ten big bucks in a half hour lol. She showed her old man up.

At what age do we lose contact with our inner child. I am pretty immature but I am talking true inner child?
Oh I forgot, if I miss a day afield or decide not to go hunting at the last second it is only because I look at her and think I better stay home and play. I could careless if I pies the wife off that is a daily occurrence. But my little girl is growing up fast and there is always another day that I could hunt. But soon she will be able to tag along and I can't wait!
Been....I am gonna have another girl in february. I use to think it was a curse but now I am looking forward to another sweet girl. I have 5 sisters no brothers... ,and tons of girl cousins and only bout five boy cousins... ....sooooo i was hoping for a boy but long as she or he is healthy I am ok.


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Sunbury, OH
Yeah we are deciding what we are going to do. Try for the boy or not? If I don't have a boy the name stops. Hell I just about caved just so I could get it all the time again! Couldn't let the thread stay so stinken sweet ;)



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Massillon, Ohio
I wouldnt trade the time with my.kids.for anything in the world. Between working two jobs and trying to get hunting time in. I don't get to see them enough.
There is nothing better in the world when the that little girl looks up at you and says " I love you daddy"....
see now you guys know why i love being a stay at home dad , i have 3 girls , two that live with me and one lives with her mom , and the wife is on my case about having another one , i really want that boy , but am scared of having another girl to the point i stopped having sex so she couldnt get knocked up, and hoently me being a stay at home dad is really our only option right now , she makes more money then i did , she is a stna, and she is starting her registerd nurse class's in the spring , i know im rambling, but i would not change anything in the world bout quitting my job and being a stay at home dad , except for the bussiness i deas i have keep failing , and it also explains my immaturity on here to , my 4 and 18 month old are rubbing off on me im starting to act like them....lol


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Wait until the day you come home and find your teenage daughter on the couch makin' out with her boyfriend.:smiley_boos:

Gentlemen I'm gonna tell you something - enjoy the precious time until they turn 11 or 12, when it goes from "Daddy" to "Father!"

BTW - love the thread TM
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Heck yea I am researching all the ways to get a boy if we try again down the road.
This is in the open forum so I will have to mind my Ps and Qs.. Tantra says the odds of having a boy goes up if the man holds out for as long as he can during intercourse. And at the moment of insemination he does so as shallow as possible. The thousands of years of Asian belief on this is the Male Chromosome sperm is stronger, better adapt for longer swims, and can survive better under stress for a longer period of time than the sperm containing female chromosomes.

PS.. I never want kids... NEVER.. I might addopt me a little black kid though.. Turn him into a hick... That would be cool.. You imagine him and I jump out of the truck in Vinton County in Camo. And he says "Come on ole Dad.. Lets get in thur n kills us some deer! "


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Guys, you want a boy? The male sperm swims slower. When you are done with the deed you gotta carry her around upside down fir awhile. I shit you not. (sorry jack, but them Asians are always shallow)
You gotta leave "it" in as deep as you can then keep her either laying down or upside down.
The last to get to the target are also the first out the tunnel if she stands up right away.
You be on top or from behind. Dont let her on top. The night Kody was conceived we did the deed then she wanted to go downstairs to watch a movie. I carried her upside down all the way down to the recroom.
I got two boys for a reason! I researched this!!! Lol

I have one daughter and I know exactly when it happened. Kendra, my wife, was on top and then up running around right after. She wanted a daughter bad.

I'm snipped now so it's fair game to frost whatever and wherever I want!

So... There's your sperm lesson for the day. Class dismissed..,