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Gun recoil


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Mahoning Co.
I agree with J, I don't care for the videos of women and kids given guns they aren't prepared to shoot.
The ones shooting T-Rex are different. Those mostly are guys used to shooting. The T-Rex shoots a 750 grain bullet @ ~2500 fps. BTW that range is in Saeed al-Maktoum's house in the UAE. He owns the Accurate Reloading website. He's a really nice guy, very generous. Everyone on AR that has met him seems to think a lot of him.
It's the .577 T-Rex
Must be nice to have the money to blow it like that

I wondered about the price of the ammo

A-Square 750gr Dead Tough SP RN
Wallet of 10 Item #: 30137


So every time you pull the trigger and your shoulder blades touch
You just blew $22.50

Not funny watching the ladies
Get them to enjoy shooting and they complain less about the toys