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had a great day fishing

the logo is my good luck charm , i got it in the mail today , and then went fishing and freaking slayed em
3 blue cats , couple channels and a flathead , biggest blue was 26 pounds smallest was 19 pounds , the flathead was about 12 pounds

after reading all the stories for the turkey harvests , i decided to do a write up for my pics

headed to my favorite fishing hole about 10 am yesterday , had my live shad for bait , my mt.dew for fuel and nothing but time to kill. so i get down there get the poles baited up set my bobber stops at 15 feet put on a live shad and let her fly , theres nothing i like more then watching a bobber fly through the air with live bait below it, i sat down and started playing on the cell phone and really wasnt paying attention to my floats ,, when i heard the first clicker go off , i look up and my floats gone , so i grab the pole reeel in the slack and set the hook , it felt kina light so i horsed em in and to my surprise it was a stinking bass , so i snap a quick picture throw him back in and wait some more. over the next half hour i couldnt keep the stinking bass off my bait , so i moved to the other end of the lake where the wind was more favorable and wasnt blowing straight into my face.

i bait my poles back up and let em fly , ten minutes goes by and my float submerges under the surface , i start thinking if this is another bass im having bass fillet for supper , i reel in the slack setthe hook , and it feels like i set into a log , im thinking ok this is a nice fish , after a few minutes of fighting him i get him to shore it was a nice 9 pound channel cat , while im taking him off the hook my other floats dissapears and my clicker starts screaming , and in this lake that means one thing , a blue cat , so i hurry and throw the channel back in and set the hook on my other pole , it feels like im pulling against a horse , i get him in weigh him its a nice 19 pound blue cat , rebait throw back out start baiting my other pole , my clicker starts screaming again , set the hook this time it was a bigger 26 pound blue cat , so i get it rebaited throw it back out and get my other pole rebaited finnally throw it out and the lake owners brother calls me to see how the fishing is going , we sitthere and bs on the phone and my float dissapears again , so i throw the phone down pick up my pole set the hook and he didnt budge an inch , im think yea baby its a monster , after bout 4 minutes of fighting him i get him to the shore and try to net him bymyself , big mistake he gets the line tangled in the net and snaps me off , he would of went 40 pound easily , the rest of the day went ok i caught another small blue cat , and then a nice chunky flathead that night , had fun fishing for 12 hours and spent some fishing time with good friends who inly caught one fish a piece , and thats how my day went