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hairless squirrel skinning

first ya gots to shoot a squirrel

then ya hangem by theyre feet

cut along legs like so

cut around feet and pull fur towards head like so, dont forget to cut off tail

pull fur over head and down front legs and clip off front feet and cut head off

slice from neck to butt hole and gut said squirrel

badda bing badda boom you have a hairless skinned squirrel in about 3 to 4 minutes,

quick tip when cutting the fur on the hind legs use pressure on back of legg to make fur tight where your cutting and it keeps the hair away from the incision


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NW Ohio Tundra
That looks like a lot of work.

I can skin one out in less than a minute....here's how.

You just cut through the tail just above the butthole, then skin each way about 2 inches along the back of the legs. Flip the squirrel over and put your foot on the base of the tail where you just made the incision. Step on the tail hard, as you do that grab a back leg with each of your hands and pull upward slowly. The squirrel will peel right out and all you have to do is finish pulling the front legs out of the skin, and the back legs should already be skinned down to the ankles.

I have cleaned over a thousand skwerls in my day, this is very easy and there is no mess.


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Thanks for posting this up. I've never been a serious squirrel hunter because I've always considered them a pain in the ass to clean. I think I may have to change that mindset now!