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Handicap question............


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Ashtabula, Ohio
Ok, stupid question perhaps but one I want to ask.

I never park in a handicap parking spot at a store or when traveling on the turn pike, so is it wrong when mother natural calls and you go into a restroom and use the handicap stall when number 2 calls?? They are so much cleaner and I would never use one if someone needed it. Just wanted some input.


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I've done it plenty of times. You just gotta go into knowing that, if while you're sitting there a handicap person rolls or walks in, you're gonna be the asshole that made them wait or inconvenienced them in some way. There's no hiding from it at that point. I will usually pick them regular stalls when given a decent option.
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Huron County, OH
I will if I have too. Never been an issue, and if I run I to the day where it is an issue, the last thing on that person's mind is I wonder what handicap that guys has, as I exit the stall!


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I use the cleanest one or whatever is available. Not like a close parking spot, it’s always in the back. It’s also not like it’s only for handicaps, it generally also has a changing table in it, therefor, it’s for everyone. It just happens to be big enough to accommodate handicap folks. Not just for handicap folks.
So what's the diff if you come out of a regular stall & see someone else waiting for it ?
In that case it’s first come first served. The handicapped stall is for handicapped people. I’ve heard people say that it’s handicap accessible, not reserved for handicapped people. I guess it’s open to interpretation, unlike a parking spot.
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All this reminds me.... At my local TSC store.. ( on Deo Dr. Rick ) , there are a # of handicap parking spaces that are marked out front. There was always this one among them that was also the closest to the store, that wasn't marked. TSC are the only stores that carry the type of dog food I need, which are in 40 lb bags or so. Whenever I had to stop, I'd park in the unmarked spot since I could get in & out quickly, & I didn't wanna carry those bags any further than I had to. I always looked to make sure it wasn't marked. One time, as I was in the check out line, a guy comes in using crutches. He must have seen me park there because he purposefully came by me & mumbled something about me not looking very handicapped. As I looked at him, I replied that the spot I parked in wasn't marked for handicaps. It was then that I noticed he only had one leg, & he kept on going by without slowing down. As I walked out, I felt bad, but I did a slow burn just the same. I didn't do anything wrong & he was going all over that store just the same, & he was worried about a few extra feet in the parking lot he had to traverse ?? I figured I was going to hell.

Anyway, the very next time I had to stop & get the dog food again ..... as I was in the checkout line .... that same motherfucker came back in to the store....lol. I did purposely park further away to pay for my sins ( if any ), so I guess my guardian angel was looking out for me...lol. I so badly wanted to drag him out there & show him that non marked space, but I was too busy keeping my head down....lol


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Never understood why places like malls and Walmart have handicap parking spots. So let me understand this. They can get around an entire store that covers 11 acres but can't go an extra 50 yards in the parking lot?
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NW Ohio
I never understood why they have handicap spaces. When it is snowing they just park in front of the store in the fire lane and complain because it isn't plowed. Maybe it wasn't plowed because you been camped out all day. But I digress. . . .This is about the shitter. Insert Christmas Vacation meme here. ;)


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I’m glad there are handicapped places for them to park and also our veterans. Hat is crazy at our new tractor supply is all but one in front of the store are marked handicapped and I never see someone parked there except for some asshole who isn’t handicapped. As for the shitter.... well I was just warming the seat for them. The older I get the less time I can hold it.
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Columbiana County
The criteria for those placards are a joke anymore. If you’ve gotten a legit reason so be it, being old and or 300lbs ain’t one.... 6” lift on a truck and your ass can get in and out and you’re sporting handicapped placard, park it somewhere else....

Public restrooms, is a different story, any port in a storm.....