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Holy droptine!


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SW Ohio
Awesome deer, but there is no way that deer grosses 292.
Misprint...192, see last few pages. Them guys will be killin slungers like that every year till access is lost or a new mall is built there. He must have been the dude on the other site that came to Steves rescue when their opinions(in his mind) tilted toward jealousy and envy! Now I see why! Must be nice! Congrats to him anyhow and hope he returns safely after serving overseas. Not just him but all our servicemen and women!


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Notice the apple trees right to the front of the stand... I know where there is a 190 or so class deer right now doing something similar in the city of Springfield. Same setup. Apple trees right by the house. The buck stages over a hill on the back of the 4 acre lot then comes in after dark to eat the apples.