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How 'bout them Buckeyes!?!


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I'm not gonna lie, the No. 1 ranking and the giant bullseye that goes with it make me nervous. I liked it better when it was ours to win, not ours to lose. We are 100% in control of our destiny. Win out, we get another title shot and another Heisman. Lose, and we gotta listen to all the shit from the haters. We have a big hurdle to clear in Wisconsin at Camp Randal this weekend, so I'm not going to sleep well until that one is over!!!

BTW, I called the Cocks win over 'Bama! :D The only time I will ever root for Spurrier!!!


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NW Ohio
I feel like a traitor this year. I have only watched part of one game. No tevo or whatever it is called (DVR maybe?). Hunting, working, attending funerals, or chasing kids the last five Saturdays. I am ashamed of my Buckeye pride.


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The only thing sweeter than that win on Saturday was getting a text from my buddy in TBDBITL offering me his student ticket for the weekend I am home v. Purdue! Yea its gonna cut into my stand time, but I can't turn down a $20 A-deck seat to watch what could be a national championship team! I figure that no matter what happens this week v. Wisconsin, the boys are going to rape Purdue at home after what happened last year :D


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I don't like this weeks game. I hope I'm wrong, but I gotta bad feeling.

Like in the movie, Platoon:
Sgt. O'Neill: Bob, I got a bad feeling on this one, all right? I mean I got a bad feeling! I don't think I'm gonna make it outta here! D'ya understand what I'm sayin' to you?

Sgt. Barnes: Everybody gotta die some time, Red.