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How I found TOO


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Talking with some of the boys this morning it triggered a memory about how I found TOO. Made me think of how my story and other people’s would be interesting to read.

When I first moved back to Ohio I was looking for more information about hunting and such. I quickly found myself on a forum. After a couple of years on that one I realized it was the same shit over and over and there really wasn’t any new content or information beyond what was repeated. So I was bored and still had questions about things like turkeys and turkey hunting.

Me being me, I started a thread and started asking questions. One of them was about scouting and how to do it. Someone mentioned scouting fields in the rain...made me wonder why turkeys flocked to fields in the rain. One poster that I had previous run ins with posted “turkeys goes to fields to dry off in the rain”...it was game on! Let the virtual bashing begin. Me asking the question doesn’t mean I’m a total idiot. Standing in a field in the rain to stay dry!?!

So I got some of my post deleted and edited and they left the bunk/bad advice stay up. At that point I went looking for a place I could speak my mind, learn and share.

I have more stories that led up to this, but need to wash my ass and head to Dustin’s. I’ll continue another time, please feel free to share a memory or how you found TOO. I’m talking to you nonpostering readers TOO! Share a story, let’s hear it folks.


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That comment about: Washing your ass and heading to Dustin is going to have many wondering....?
Try not to think too much about it. Do you genuinely "want" to know what is going to happen?

How did I find too? Got in on the ground floor. Was tired of deleted/moderated posts on another forum. Been loyal to TOO ever since. Went to the other forum a month or two back. Hadn't logged in since 2013 or 2014. Posted something about a specific topic I was searching. Got sucked in. Made 2-3 posts. Maybe 6 at the most. Realized even these miniscule posts were being edited. Closed that door again. If I cannot post on one topic without my posts being moderated. . .


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I got in on TOO very early. I was on another forum and ran into the same as some of you other guys with getting posts moderated and deleted and sponsor adds everywhere. Had one small outing with a few of the members while on that other site. Those guys are now here as well. I still remember when this site was just a twinkle in Joe and Jesse's eyes while at a bow shoot back in I maybe 09' or 10' lol.

Hard to believe I have known some of you guys for 10 or 11 years now. Most times it feels like I have known you guys for a lot longer then that.
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I was on another forum and a little over a year ago, someone suggested I check out this site. I’ve been a member ever since. I do go on several sites and enjoy them all, but the one big thing that I’ve noticed is that there are definitely some strong friendships on this site....people actually meeting up to go hunting/fishing/camping together. It’s a bit more than sharing information and tips. The members on this site seem to know a lot about other members personal lives and there is a lot of ball busting in good fun. No one gets upset and/or argues like on other sites I’ve been on. This site is my favorite forum because of that....and also the fact that it seems the people on this site wash their asses more than on other sites!!


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WAIT.... There is another Ohio site?? I found this site one day while researching hunting in Ohio. So I lurked for awhile and liked the family atmosphere so I joined.. Was suprised to find I was accepted even though I was a non-resident.. I've only met 4 members so far but look forward to meeting others in the future...


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Lmao. I started out hunting on my own. I started hunting 2007. I didn't have anybody too teach me about hunting. I learned it all on my own by reading books, magazine, and video. I would stand outside at my moms to practice deer calls whenever deer be around. Think it was 2012 or 2013 that dustin wanted too learn how too hunt. So i taught him how too do it. After few months, he told me about the TOO site. Told me too check it out. Now bunch of us assholes are family..... I wouldn't trade anything for it.


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Licking Co. Ohio
I was talking to Ron on a bridge job. Ric had recently shot a real nice deer Ron was telling me about. Showed me a pic on his phone and said "There is a lot more pic's on a hunting site, it's called The Ohio Outdoors" I came home to see the pic's and it made me join to see them. The rest is history. A few weeks later I aquired a pinched sciatic nerve in my left leg and spent about 5 weeks around the campfire. Got familiar with a whole bunch of the guys in those weeks. Never regretted one minute of it. You all are the best of the best.