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I can't believe Athens didn't make the list.


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Mahoning Co.
Fresno, Calif., tops Men's Health magazine's list of America's "drunkest" cities while Boston, home to the "Cheers" bar where everyone knows your name, was deemed the "least drunk," besting even Salt Lake City.

The magazine, which will publish the list of 100 major cities in i's March edition, drew upon such data as death rates from alcoholic liver disease, booze-fueled car crashes, frequency of binge-drinking in the past month, number of DUI arrests, and severity of DUI penalties.

See full list below, including grades for each city from A to F

"Drunkest" cities:

Fresno, Calif.
Reno, Nev.
Billings, Mont.
Riverside, Calif.
St. Louis
San Antonio
Lubbock, Texas
Bakersfield, Calif.
"Least drunk" cities:

Yonkers, N.Y.
Rochester, N.Y.
Salt Lake City
Durham, N.C.
New York City
Fort Wayne, Ind.
Manchester, N.H.
1.) Fresno, CA F
2.) Reno, NV F
3.) Billings, MT F
4.) Riverside, CA F
5.) Austin, TX F
6.) St. Louis, MO F
7.) San Antonio, TX F
8.) Lubbock, TX F
9.) Tucson, AZ F
10.) Bakersfield, CA F
11.) Las Vegas, NV F
12.) Modesto, CA F
13.) Columbia, SC F
14.) Nashville, TN D-
15.) Madison, WI D-
16.) Colorado Springs, CO D-
17.) Denver, CO D-
18.) Phoenix, AZ D-
19.) Cheyenne, WY D-
20.) Sacramento, CA D-
21.) New Orleans, LA D-
22.) Toledo, OH D
23.) Aurora, CO D
24.) El Paso, TX D
25.) Corpus Christi, TX D
26.) Fargo, ND D
27.) San Diego, CA D
28.) Lexington, KY D
29.) Tampa, FL D
30.) Albuquerque, NM D
31.) Oklahoma City, OK D+
32.) Tulsa, OK D+
33.) Jacksonville, FL D+
34.) Detroit, MI D+
35.) Boise City, ID D+
36.) Kansas City, MO D+
37.) Washington, DC D+
38.) Montgomery, AL D+
39.) Omaha, NE D+
40.) Portland, OR D+
41.) Anchorage, AK D+
42.) Birmingham, AL D+
43.) Greensboro, NC C-
44.) Wichita, KS C-
45.) St. Petersburg, FL C-
46.) Burlington, VT C-
47.) Houston, TX C-
48.) Los Angeles, CA C-
49.) Charleston, WV C
50.) Orlando, FL C
51.) Spokane, WA C
52.) Lincoln, NE C
53.) Arlington, TX C
54.) Des Moines, IA C
55.) Fort Worth, TX C
56.) Providence, RI C
57.) Anaheim, CA C
58.) Milwaukee, WI C
59.) Pittsburgh, PA C
60.) Baltimore, MD C
61.) Indianapolis, IN C
62.) Louisville, KY C
63.) Raleigh, NC C
64.) Seattle, WA C+
65.) Grand Rapids, MI C+
66.) Buffalo, NY C+
67.) Wilmington, DE C+
68.) Hartford, CT C+
69.) Sioux Falls, SD C+
70.) Virginia Beach, VA C+
71.) Memphis, TN C+
72.) Cincinnati, OH C+
73.) Cleveland, OH C+
74.) Charlotte, NC C+
75.) Oakland, CA C+
76.) Little Rock, AR B-
77.) Dallas, TX B-
78.) Richmond, VA B-
79.) San Jose, CA B-
80.) Minneapolis, MN B-
81.) Jackson, MS B-
82.) Jersey City, NJ B-
83.) Columbus, OH B-
84.) Atlanta, GA B-
85.) Chicago, IL B
86.) San Francisco, CA B
87.) St. Paul, MN B
88.) Honolulu, HI B
89.) Philadelphia, PA B+
90.) Portland, ME B+
91.) Manchester, NH B+
92.) Fort Wayne, IN A-
93.) New York, NY A-
94.) Durham, NC A
95.) Newark, NH A
96.) Miami, FL A
97.) Salt Lake City, UT A
98.) Rochester, NY A+
99.) Yonkers, NY A+
100.) Boston, MA A+


Git Off My Lawn
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North Carolina
What Youngstown didn't make it?????? WTF..... dang beer liberals....... :smiley_clap: I'm going to drink a beer in our honor rotflmao