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  1. Dannmann801

    Anybody here make their own Black Powder?

    I've been reading some articles on making black powder, thinking about trying it just to see if I could do it. (I do a lot of things like that :smiley_depressive::smiley_blackeye::smiley_coolpeace:) So - anybody here ever done it? Any input?
  2. Ohiosam

    Do good fences make good neighbors?

    Home Land & Livestock Post King Ranch loses battle to move deer fence BEN BOLT -- For more than a century, a sturdy, low fence defined part of the northern boundary of the Santa Gertrudis Division of the enormous King Ranch, serving also as the line between Jim Wells and Kleberg...
  3. Ohiosam

    Hope this doesn't make Jackalope homesick

    Be sho to watch dee videeo http://www.kprcradio.com/pages/waltonandjohnson.html?article=11391313
  4. Dannmann801

    Boy this is going to make you angry

    Have a friend who forwards everything in the world, alot of it doesn't check out...but this one is for real. TV station in Indy ran an investigation and posted this back in April 2012 http://videos2view.net/tax-fraud.htm#.USVd0eQItlQ.email
  5. M

    When looking for a taxidermist how do you make your choice?

    Hey guys just looking for some input. This seems to be one of those years, where the cheap guy is winning. This got me to thinking and wondering. What goes into most peoples thought process when choosing a taxidermist. I'm not the cheapest one around , but I do put in alot of detail. I also...
  6. matt hougan

    Arrow make over

    Got bored the other day after hunting so I decided to upgrade my arrows. 4" vanes sit on my drop away rest. I don't think it effects the flight at all but it bugged me. Grabbed the Arizona easy fletcher and went to town with some 2" orange and white Blazer vanes. Ben even gave me some Heart of...
  7. Curran

    This could make things interesting

    Read this in the Columbus Dispatch on Sunday, and haven't followed up with anybody at Alum for more details, but this could make launching boats difficult this season... Ramping up Drawdown will begin in a few days at Alum Creek Reservoir, where water levels will be dropped 11 feet during the...
  8. Ohiosam

    I can't believe Athens didn't make the list.

    Fresno, Calif., tops Men's Health magazine's list of America's "drunkest" cities while Boston, home to the "Cheers" bar where everyone knows your name, was deemed the "least drunk," besting even Salt Lake City. The magazine, which will publish the list of 100 major cities in i's March...
  9. Tree Monkey

    just couldn't make myself pull back this morning....

    Went out to the bowhunt only woods in my new set up with the fixed stand chad gave me. Set it about 15 yds off a trail and close to were I had a chance at a doe last week. About 9:00 am I see a deer making its way to me so I get ready and see antlers about this time my heart is pumping and I get...