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Im parting ways with Black Chubby


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S.W. Ohio
After much painful debate, it is time for me to move on from my Weber Smokey Mountain. That being said its for sale.

unnamed (4).jpg

unnamed (3).jpg

unnamed (2).jpg

It is the WSM 22. Upgraded the door to the Cajun Bandit door. Added the lava lock hinge. Also added extra grate in the bottom which helps hold smaller embers. Also comes with a bunch of chunks for the smoker. Apple, Pecan, Maple, Post Oak, Mesquite.

Its on FB marketplace for $400. For a TOO member I would let it go for $300. Can deliver to the Summer shoot.
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SW Ohio
Next thing you know he's gonna be like Ric. Burning steaks in the air fryer...
Don’t knock it till you try it on a Ninja Foodie😎🖕🏻I do my ribbies medium rare and they be just fine! I still do steaks on smoker but when I’m tired and want to cut corners I’ll go the easy way just fine.😜😂
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