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* IN PROCESS CS Thread: Irish Setter/Red Wing Boots *


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I'll start by asking that when anyone on here is dealing with customer service on an issue, please take some time if you would and start a thread like this. I find it's very important to hear stories involving customer service with a particular company when I'm trying to educate myself on a particular product/company. Adam is doing a good job with his Elite issues right now, so I figured I would follow suit on my boot issues...

Here is the intial email to Irish Setter from me...

From: jesse@theohiooutdoors.com
To: customer.service@irishsetterboots.com
Date: Thu, Jul 21, 2011 at 9:22 AM
Subject: Rutmaster 1,200 gram Issues

To whom it may concern:

I purchased a pair of the Irish Setter Rutmaster 1,200 gram rubber boots this past October at our local Dunham's Sporting Goods. I wore the boots during the majority of our four month deer season in Ohio, and then again on a few hunts during our month long turkey season. On my last hunt during turkey, the boots finally started to leak water around the flex point at the base of the ExoFlex Fit System. Where the neoprene from the ExoFlex meets the rubber of the boot, the rubber has cracked and allowed for large amounts of water to rush in to the right boots. The left boot leaks, but not as bad.

I could not locate the box, but thought I recalled Irish Setter having a lifetime warranty. I really like these boots and for someone who goes through a pair of boots every 2-3 season, I thought these were far and above the most comfortable and best hunting boots I've had in 20 years. For them to last me less than 6 months however, was a little troublesome.

Does Irish Setter indeed have a lifetime warranty on this line of boot and if so, how can I go about getting them replaced? Thank you for your time...
Jesse Roush

Their reply they sent later in the day...


I’m sorry to hear this. There is a one year waterproof warranty on the boots and the rest of the material and workmanship warranty is all based on normal wear. If you can't get back to the store where your boots were purchased at and see what they can do, you'll need to send them back to us yourself for us to look at and inspect.

Please send them to this address: Red Wing Shoe Company 135 Cannon River Avenue Red Wing, MN 55066 Attention: Irish Setter Returns.

Put a note or card in with your boots explaining the problem, along with your name, your return address, and telephone number.


Here's the latest...

I spoke with the manager at the local store this morning and they only have a 30-day policy on this type of footwear. He also stated that it was virtually impossible for them to locate a receipt. So they were of little help to my situation.

Is there an RMA# that needs to be issued for this case in order to process my request?

Any other instructions of note I need to make before sending these boots back to Red Wing at the MN address? Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Still waiting for a reply. I'll throw up a picture of the issue later tonight. I hope they give me new pair without much hassle because the manager said that's the first pair he's had brought in. I really do like the boots, so I'll take another pair and hope this was one of the bad ones that slipped through. They are made in China after all...


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You know, it's kinda funny because I sent out an email to GamePlan Gear today about my Spot'N'Stalk pack, along with my chest pack idea. I was waiting for a response before I posted, but had intentions of sharing whatever may come from it!

Hope they take good care of you Jesse, them are nice boots.

Huckleberry Finn

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Did you pay with cash, or a credit card? Dig up your old statement.

With Dunahm's keep bitching. I bought a cheap pair of Istahacs, wore them less than 10 times, took them back a year later (I do think I had the recipt but also the credit card bill) and got refunded 100% - with a store gift card.