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Is everyone ok after the storm??!?!?

Tree Monkey

NW ohio
I was wondering how our SE brothers are doing after the tornadoes went through. Heard there was a lot of damage., Keep us up dated and hope and pray everything is ok!


*Supporting Member*
Massillon, Ohio
Last night was my golf league, and the golf course I play at was on the news. Riceland in Orville, Ohio. That freakin tornado went through there 2 min before I got to the course. I though, shoot hopefully this dies out soon so we can play.....

It was pretty bad. Drove right by the Tornado and didnt even know it. I jsut thought the wind was bad.


Senior Member
Hudson, OH
I am in NE OH and don't know what they got vs. SE cause I am on the road for work but the wife said we got some water in the unfinished part of the basement...guess I will find out what I need to clean up when I get home this afternoon.

Hopefully all in SE OH didn't experience too much damage.


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Central Ohio
Yea, saw that about Wooster on the news last night. Looked really bad.

I think there was some wind damage SW of Columbus too, but they never said it was a tornado. Probably have to wait for the official word from the National Weather Service. Also had part of the roof ripped off at the auxillery gym at Olentangy HS, no body injured from what I saw.


Junior Member
Talked to some people in my hometown of Wooster regarding the tornadoe. One guy I know lives right across the street from OARDC/ATI and next to the floral shop that took heavy damage. He slept through the whole damn thing somehow.


Senior Member
Just drove through the crooksville area...one spot looked like something out of movie..

Its amazing how much force that wind can produce to do damage like that.