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Its coming together...


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With my new found love of waterfowling came the need to have my own spots. I have a buddy that I can go with when they have an open spot, but going a couple of times a year is no longer going to cut it. I still have some work to do on what I believe will be the best spot I can possibly get within an hour, but I'm close. I spoke with a gentleman today about hunting there and he is checking with the rest of the family before giving me the green light. When I scouted there on Monday, there were 30 geese and 50+ ducks on this backwater with drake ducks in 6 different varieties including woodies, mallards, hooded mergansers, and ringnecks. I have my fingers crossed, but it sounds good so far...

If that falls through, I did secure two spots this week that have some promise. We had the shell of a blind built on a river spot last weekend and I spent part of Tuesday working to finish it up. This is a spot that I have been a guest on in the past, but got my own slip signed this week with the stipulation that I could bring guests with me. Here is a look at the blind...

Tonight I landed what might be a much better spot than I ever expected. It is a state owned lake I have lived within a mile of most of my life. No one ever hunts there and it had me wondering if it was even allowed. So I called the District 4 office today and got the good word: Hunting is allowed! On the way home from work tonight, I stopped to get permission to park the truck and permission to cross some private ground to get where I need to be. After that was done, I went down to check out a potential blind spot and flushed 6 mallards. From my vantage spot on the hill, I could see 8 mallards and 3 black ducks. Last Sunday morning, I counted 12 mallards and 30+ geese in this area. I have no idea how consistent a spot it will be, but it looks good so far. I also scouted several wood ducks this September that are now fair game.

All in all my conversion to waterfowl hunter is going nicely!!! :smiley_clap:


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Awesome dude! Sounds like you're on the right track. One thing about waterfowling in Ohio, you can NEVER have enough spots. Birds move around so much throughout the season, and get shot at by so many people, versatility is absolutely key to success. And no matter how awesome a spot is, if it's the only one you've got it won't be worth a damn after a few hunts. They wise up pretty quick when the steel starts flying.