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  1. S

    New Up And Coming Hunter Here

    Hello My name is Steven Junior, I am from Cincinnati Ohio..I'm 22 years old..I was first interested in Deer hunting last season when my buddy got me all hyped up for the rifle season down in Kentucky and i went out got a rifle and all my gear and didn't get a chance to go...i was upset that i...
  2. dante322

    crops coming off

    Over the past week I've seen a little corn coming off, but the beans were getting hit hard today. The foreman at work says they are taking theirs off over the weekend. i would bet there will be a lot of activity in the bean fields this weekend. Ought to make for an interesting opener.
  3. Mike

    New hunting product coming soon

    This product was invented and patented by a friend. He is not a hunter and he also happens to be one of our city councilman. The product is still being revised and is not on the market yet. I've tested this and I will give my analysis below his initial contact. The idea behind this product...
  4. Mao

    TOO Turkey Camp and Bow Shoot - Who's coming?

    Hey guys. I just wanted to get a head count to see for sure who is going to be coming the weekend of May 4th. I plan to start mowing, getting targets ready, etc etc. before I started to get things going I wanted to see how many people are actually coming. I know a while back quite a few said...
  5. Bowhunter57

    Coming Out of Retirement!!!

    Did somebody say, Columbian Prostitues?!!
  6. Ohiosam

    Another one coming down.

    Three barns in my neighborhood are being torn down this winter, 2 on my road. 1 is already gone, they just started on this one yesterday. I know times change and these barns have out lived their usefulness. Still they were monuments to the people that came before us and we lose a little...
  7. bowhunter1023

    Its coming together...

    With my new found love of waterfowling came the need to have my own spots. I have a buddy that I can go with when they have an open spot, but going a couple of times a year is no longer going to cut it. I still have some work to do on what I believe will be the best spot I can possibly get...
  8. matt hougan

    Lots of hunting coming up....

    I have a hunt planned with my oldest Sunday, then he and I are going to Coshocton for a day and a half sit on the 12-13th. Then my daughter and I are planning a two day sit for youth gun on the 19th-20th. Then I get to hunt the weekend of gun season in Coshocton. Then three of my buddies and I...
  9. T

    Coming at ya

    swoop! http://www.dogwork.com/owfo8/
  10. bowhunter1023

    Did not see that coming...

    This time last year, I was looking for jobs because it seemed almost a certain thing that we'd be without a job at any moment. In October last year, we found out that we would indeed have a job and in the time since then, things have went from zero to top speed in the matter of months. The build...
  11. Kaiser878

    Its coming off!

    Got photos of the 8 after he shed yesterday. H ewas in there about 3 hours before I was! My young ten jsut made himself even less desirable. I figured thsi would happen. When he started to rub his velvet off he knocked off his g-4 on his right side. It had a big lump in it from where he...
  12. Ohiosam

    Second coming

    A Catholic girl went to confession and said to the priest, "I'm pregnant." He asked, "How did this happen, my child?" She said, "I think it must be the second coming." The priest, shocked by this reply asked, "What makes you think it's the second coming?". She replied, "Because I...
  13. U

    im always coming up short....lol

    went to get some stuff from the hardware store and instantly bruised my blazers ego when i pulled into the parking lot
  14. cotty16

    WTF is this world coming TOO?

    People will buy anything!!! This listing is one of a few on EBay and every one of the listings has bids. Am I missing something here? :smiley_chinrub: http://cgi.ebay.com/RYAN-DUNN-JACKASS-STARS-DEATH-NOTICE-HOMETOWN-PAPER-/270770983335?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3f0b3551a7
  15. twireman

    what is the hunting world coming too!!!! WTF!!

    WWE superstar Shawn Michaels launching hunting show on Outdoor Channel. http://www.masslive.com/entertainment/index.ssf/2011/06/retired_wwe_superstar_shawn_mi.html Really!!!!!!!! I swear I'm done watching this shit....
  16. T

    T/C time coming

    I did not get to hunt the last gun weekend. I wanted to wait for Muzzy season anyway. Now just have to decide whether to use the Hawkin or Black Diamond M/L. :smiley_coolpeace: I hate to buy another tag, but I also hate sitting around the house. Anyone else planning for the M/L season?
  17. Milo

    Whats coming up on your agenda for late winter projects?

    Well what do you have planned for your place this winter/early spring? I will be cutting several trees down and cleaning up from having our place cut this year. Prolly get some firewood made up too. Looking at some more tree planting and trimming scrub trees off our better developing timber.