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Jerky Time!


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My wife got me a few things for Christmas that I have been wanting to try out. I'm new to jerky making so I used beef for my test run. Next batch will be venison.

The local grocery store had cryovac sirloin for $2.50 a pound. I figured that was a good price for jerky. I used a cajun seasoning mix that was purchased at Gander Mountain for $2.00 per pack. I did add some extra cayene pepper & garlic powder. I left it in the marinade over night.

I couldn't fit all of it in the dehydrator so I have some going in the oven as well.

Here's a few pics of my progress so far. House is smelling good right now!

After trimming off the fat I sliced it a little thinner than 1/4"

Five layers deep!

And the oven batch.



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Dang! I thought somebody was giving free handeys in here... :(

Let us know how the Beef Jerky turns out. Looks Good So far. :)


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This thread is pointless without samples mailed to each of us... ;)

What's the best beer to drink with Jerky?