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just recieved this picture.


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This is the text that came with the picture. Don't know the person in the picture. If it has been around before sorry.

This is freaking scary. As you know I was alone when I downed this elk in ND. I was using my camera’s timer attached to my shooting stick to give me enough time to get into the picture. I knew there were a lot of cats in the area but had no idea they would come in this close to people. He had to be within 10 feet of me and I didn’t even know it. I about crapped my pants when I looked at the pictures the next morning and saw he was there.



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NW Ohio
It is a fake Steve. I just saw this discussed either on here or another hunting forum somewhere today. Can't remember where, but it was verified as a fake.


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NE Ohio
Sorry guys... I put it on here.
the point was a conversation piece...

Should have said more but... It sure makes you think...