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Kids and surgery


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Today’s the day for Maddy to go under the knife.

As some of you might remember, back in September Maddy got blindsided playing soccer. Hairline fracture in her hip. Had her benched for a while. It still kept bugging her so she went to a specialist to figure out that the cartilage was separated from the bone in her hip.

Surgery was the only option to have it reattached. We had it scheduled and then we went into lockdown. They could still do the procedure but wouldn’t let a parent be by her side. We weren’t about to let our 15 year old go into something like this without a hand to hold. No fucking way! Well, last week they started letting one person be bedside. So we scheduled her in for today 11:30.

Mom will be taking her and I’m at work feeling helpless. With this rain, I hope to be home in time to help her into the house. I’d a day surgery with everything going on. We have transformed my side room (mount room) into a bedroom for her.

I know many of you have had kids go through surgery and it isn’t a big deal. But this is a first for me and my mental balance is shaking like a dog shitting peach pits. Hopefully, letting this out helps me so I can be the best for her when I see her next.

Thanks for listening and hearing me out. I know it’s gonna be fine, still makes me want to puke though. I guess I just wish I could take her spot.


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Prayers for Maddy this morning. Hang in there giles, she'll be back on her feet in no time

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Here’s hoping for a speedy recovery, Dave. Sad part about it is this will probably affect you more than her.
Two kids, son had hernia surgery @ 12 and daughter emergency appendectomy @10. Ryan’s was scheduled at Akron’s Children’s and Kayla’s was in Salem. ER Dr told the wife that he didn’t think she had appendicitis’s cause she didn’t show signs of any pain. Blood count proved him wrong.
They both came out of it none the worse for wear. Dr told Ryan he could ride his bike in 3 days and no jumping off the garage roof for a couple weeks.
Kayla had a little more down time. That was about a week before she was bouncing around again.
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Hang in there buddy and try to keep your head screwed on tight. She will be fine and home in no time.
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