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Kids and surgery


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In a bar
Everything seems to be going as planned. She’s getting along pretty good by herself. I just helped her up the stairs for the first time. (She went up backwards on her butt) She’s in for a shower and I’ll help her back down if/when she wants.

Only issue we ran into so far was her friends wanting to be helpful and car loads of people showing up. I had to be the bad guy and tell everyone to leave and stop coming for a couple of days. Girl needs her rest. She doesn’t need to be woken up every 10 minutes entertaining guest. I get that everyone wants to help and support her, but there will be plenty of time for that in a few days. I was pretty disappointed in some parents for not even asking, but I got my point across very clear. Everyone is on the same page now. 👍🏼

Nerve block should be long gone my now and she seems to have not noticed much difference in pain. The meds have her an emotional wreck though. Crying and laughing in the same breath😂. I spent the day yesterday outside keeping the boys away and directing guest. Today the wife gets to get outside and I’ll be here with her. At least for a few hours anyways.

All in all, thanks everyone and all is well!

(P.S. she has her moms bitchiness)