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Kody's new bow


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The training of my young Padewan, Kody, took the next step today. We picked up a used Parker Buck Shot for $100. It is set up with a stabilizer, kisser, peep, and whisker biscuit.

The draw weight is set at 28lbs and ranges to 40 lbs, according to the limb sticker.
I'd say by next year he might be able to pull the 40lbs.
He's 11 now and pulls the 28lbs pretty well. With enough reps I think he'll bump up quick.
This year he'll still use a crossbow, but I'm trying to groom him.




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nice bow for the boys cotty. i have setup and been impressed with my nephews mission craze bow. pretty nice bow, smooth and quiet too. goes from 24 to 30 inch draw i think or even down to 22. and a huge poundage swing too like 25 to 70 pounds i think ( dont quote me as i dont wanna get ripped here) ...it even has a whisker biscuit on it:smiley_arrogant::smiley_blackeye:


Tatonka guide.
cotty they are only 300 bucks believe it or not. it is short axle to axle but draws really smooth. i have seen them used for like 225 .. i have been REALLY considering one for a backup bow. i wanna say a 305 ibo speed to boot ( i think..i am having router issues at the moment or i would look it up). the rotating mod is a poly material that i thought was cheap but the more i used it i saw the strength in the design.


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Great bow to get him started with. I hope he shoots it as much as he can and gets the poundage worked up on it. I can't wait to see some pics of dead deer with him sitting behind it and the bow slung over it :D.