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Last Day Gobbler

Big H

Senior Member
This bird has been giving me fits all season. I have worked him several times and either lost him to a real hen or passed him up because I couldn't see his beard, just his head and I made that mistake once a long time ago and shot a jake that was gobbling like he owned the woods. Well it all came together this morning, my wife and I went down to the property last night and got into the woods a little later than I wanted to this morning. I told Kristi we were just going to listen and see if he did what he has been doing and that we would have to make a big move to cut him off if he did. Anyhow I heard the first gobble a long ways off at 5:55. Then this bird sounded off on the same ridge he has been on all season about 150 yards from where we were sitting. I gave him a series of yelps on my box call and no response. Then about 6:15 he gobbled again and he was not only on the ground, but he was coming our way. We were not in an ideal spot and then he gobbled again and he was just over the rise of the hill and coming up the old logging trail! We were pinned down and I thought he was going to win round 4. I looked to my right and he was in the field at about 30 yards or so looking for the sweet hen he had heard. My gun was pointing to the left, he putted a couple times and I clucked and purred at him with a mouth call and then I shot him at 40 yards! Game over, and I was standing on his head at 6:30! A nice 3 year old with 10 1/4" beard 1" + spurs.