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Let’s turn the nation blue!


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I’m tired of negative. Let’s see some positive. I’ve never been a person to change lights to show support or anything. That changed yesterday! Our officers need to know I’m a friend.

My boys loved the idea so much they wanted the lights in their room. So I’ll have to grab more for the porch.


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How has your ODC ass not fixed that light? Guess it used to be a flood light above the door. But, WTF...garage door lights go beside the door! Not above.
Yeah it used to be a two bulb flood light above the door. Someone changed it to a lamp style. I don't give a damn as this isn't my forever home and it'll be sold soon enough.

The thing that really drives my OCD crazy is the front door light and the lamp post is on a switch by the front door. The one above the garage and the interior garage light are in the same switch over by the dinette area door that goes in the garage. So in order to have the exterior above the garage light on the interior garage light has to be on. BS ass wiring that all 3 exterior lights aren't on the same switch.
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