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Life in the ‘70’s and ‘80’s

Sgt Fury

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Ross County, Ohio

Here you go ;)


Wow! Will you get a load of those darn socks 😅

We're stepping back to 1977-79, and yes, I was the paper-boy in the area at the time. It was also my first offical on the books type kind of job back in the day, where having to pay out taxes and such was a total shocker and complete bummer too, that made the adult world all too real for me as I now recall. 😳 That was the job where I received my first actual paper 'paycheck' as well that had my name on it. That made me feel real important I thought, ☺️ boy, silly me...

Anyhow, it was a weekly paper route. Yes, I was the paper boy that worked hard to drum up further business utilizing that job, which was basically, approximate two, or maybe three mile circle around our the home, one full country block somewhere in NY.
I always spent the prior nights of delivering them, rolling them up after coming fresh off the presses, then delivered in cardboad stacked boxes that were always dropped off at the front door of the house very early on Sunday mornins. Afterwards, each paper would have been placed into each of their own individual plastic cover bag for those wet weather days, and/or, just simply rolled up to be held together by a singular rubber band. Shortly after, I'd always have to organize the manual transportation loaders, such as, filling up multiple large shoulder carrying bags sometimes, along with hauling the old Red Wagon as well to start off with.
I always left the house in the dark and returned usually before sunup, or just afterwards each time as well.

This is what I distinctly recall about being a paper-boy back in the day.

Been paying taxes ever since too 😪
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