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Live from the stand 2021/22


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Anyone out this morning? I'm thinking tomorrow afternoon will be a good one. Snow coming if nothing else. It'll be beautiful out.

That little bit of snow on the ground will make it much better getting around without scaring all the deer away. It's pretty crunchy out there now.

If I do not kill one tonight, tomorrow I'll put my hiking boots on and go make the rounds in my area thinking the conditions will be ripe for a good recon/still-hunt with that fresh snow on the ground.

Good luck to ya if you do get out Dave!
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Constitution Ohio
Well I’m in. 26*, mostly Sunny, light SSW wind. It’s been a fiasco. I don’t have confidence in my abilities with my bow at the moment so a buddy talked me into trying his Excalibur crossbow. My arms aren’t long enough to cock it. Tyler had to do it for me. It sucks being a T-Rex.
There are only 2 bucks that I wanted to shoot and one dropped a side already. The other is the one I hit but he hasn’t been here for 4 days. He’s either due to show up or left.


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Not bad here 27⁰ feels like 18⁰..trophy doe hunting today..this one got a pass .


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With lack of pressure where you hunt, I’m surprised.
We have pressure around us J..seems like each year every neighbor that borders us is hunting. We drove around our Block during gun season and looked like everyone that has a little piece of property has a stand or blind up. Seems to be like that everywhere anymore. Not like it used to be.