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LIVE! From the Stand 2022-2023 Edition


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North Carolina
Believe I smell the Devils Lettuce......
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Heck of an afternoon had a 5-6 year old 8 at 10 yards. Massive body on him, big brows, big 2s, short 3s. Had slicks right under me so I couldn't stand up. They all ease off and he comes back woth a 2 year old buck. No shot offered on him.
Hour or so later a freaking nice 8 comes in. 17-18 inches, thick, and really tall. Range him at 33, draw back and peep is sideways. Let down, twist, draw again still sideways. Let down twist again and going for a 3rd draw when he starts walking again. All in all it was a good day. They educated me on where they are going and I didn't blow any deer out.
I believe this is the old deer I saw, last years picture.
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knox county ohio
My brother took our buddy from tennesse this morning while I took Cooper. They were joking about shooting the first does by and I told them they would prolly shoot a big one. Well about 840 I got the call that our buddy shot one of the good ones we had been watching. Cooper could of shot a small but we cut the hunt short to go look for that buck. Cooper and I are tucked back in a blind right now. And he's prolly gonna shoot the first thing by if we get one close enough. Been a pretty good weekend so far. I knew that buck was heavy but wasn't expecting 203 field dressed.


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