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LIVE! From the Stand 2022-2023 Edition


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Licking Co. Ohio
Lil windy but 'sposed to die down a little.


I'm sitting on a 25' x 5' food plot and salt block. Feeder is empty.

Good Luck Everyone!


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Nw oh
Mushroom hunting with liquid confidence. I walked in with stealth. And the wind. I saw a tree getting hamered! A shooter buck was thrashing the shit out of this tree. 60 yrds away. Im frozen on a stump blue jeans tennis shoes no bow and more deer around. A little 8pt buck at 15 yrds walked by got my blood goin. Green as f dont know where the big one went. I dont have a weapon but its exciting.

brock ratcliff

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Outstanding buck! Congratulations to your brother!
I made my first hunt of the season this morning. Saw a doe. Didn’t shoot her because it would have been a rough spot to get one out. I won’t be doing any live updates from that property since I don’t have signal anywhere on it. Tonight I’ll be hunting about 100 yards from the truck. I put up a stand there last week. Mason hunted there Saturday and saw 25 or so. Missed a doe with his recurve. He’s now 0-4 with it. Lol. He claimed he could have filled a truck with bodies if he’d have taken a compound. 😁