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LIVE! From the Stand 2023-2024 Edition


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knox county ohio
Me and savannah are out. She passed 3 does, no blind in here but we are winging it for a chance at a good 10 point.


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What a nice start to the season. Drove through some serious dense fog, but there was not much at my place when I got there. Saw two skipper bucks cross the road in front of me around 6:15 about 300 yards apart and going in opposite directions, lol. Walked to my stand with a slight breeze in my face and the moon in my eyes. Flashlight useless this morning. Had a nice adult doe come in by herself at 7:30, ate dirt from underneath the sliver of the mineral rock still laying there since I put it there in May, then walked right by me on a major trail at about 11 steps. They always stop on the edge of the woods before walking into the corn there, and so did she. She never knew I was there as the whispy little breeze stayed true out of the NNE. I was ready, fingers on the sting, bow up and on her when she stopped, but I let her go, although I'm not sure why. Just didn't want to kill her bad enough today, I guess. All of the fun, none of the mess as a wise man once said. I did see two other single deer at 8:15 and 9:00 but could not tell what they were 40 yards away even with binos. Very thick in there still. Beautiful morning, and a good hunt. Try again in the tomorrow.