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Live vs. Gulp vs. Lures?

It's my first year trying this ice fishing thing, so bare with me. :smiley_candle:

I don't know how much of a difference it makes, from open water to ice fishing, but....

* What's your success differences between live bait and lures? (I've always fished lures, in open water and had good success.)
* Also, what differences would there be between live bait and gulp bait?

Thank you, Bowhunter57


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From my experience, live bait beats an artificial lure any day of the week... hands down. Why do you think live bait is illegal for most competitive fishing tournaments? Because it's so effective. It's not much different for ice fishing, although for some presentations the live bait (or chunks of) are there more for scent attraction than anything. I've never fished with any Gulp Alive stuff, but I think it could be effective. Could it beat live bait head to head? I kind of doubt it, but I could be wrong.