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Looking for areas to move to


Hey guys, Just signed up and Im looking for some recommendations on areas to look at and also what areas to avoid. Im originally from Pgh, PA and I spent the last 15 years in AZ. I moved back to the Pgh area temporarily and Im looking to hang my hat in Eastern OH! House isnt a huge deal breaker because I can fix and repair most things. Im looking for 30+ acres in a decent area. I wouldnt want an area that has high crime and drugs and I know that comes with outlying areas. Im looking for that neighborly feeling area where everyone watches out for one another...but their houses are far apart enough so they stay friendly!! Lol If you guys could shout out counties and areas that are great and whatto avoid i can start color coding my map of where to look.

Thanks and God Bless!
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I really like the Carroll County area. Atwood Lake and Leesville Lake are great little destinations. Lots of great deer and turkey hunting, fishing opportunities, and the small-town rural atmosphere. If I were moving somewhere in eastern Ohio, that's where I'd go.
This is the second time Carroll Co has come up when asking the same question to someone from OH. Thank you so much for helping!
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Im 40, I work remote so being near a city isnt critical. My wife is a dog groomer and she made great $ in AZ, but thats for people with stupid $ to spend! We realize she may not find something like that in OH.

I think the Amish make a ton of sense and would probably be great to live near given where we are headed! No DEF fluid, gas prices, supply chqin break down. It isnt long before we are only eating what we grow and hunt.

Im a God fearing, bible reading, gun toting, government distruster. I am the greatest neighbor you will ever have. I will drop what Im doing to help and do everything I can for my friends and neighbors.

I recently sold my house in AZ so I do have a decent chunk to put down. Decent as in between 200 and 300. So Im looking for a property preferrably under 350 and ill have a small mortgage, under 1k a month. Now isnt a great time to buy but soon those trading tickets and 1's and 0's in the bank wont be worth anything. So we are trying to buy a forever property to set deep roots in.


North, thats a lot of snow...and Cleveland. Sorry, being from Pgh I had to go there!

The narrow 2 lane mountain roads here in SW PA are freaking my wife out. We were hoping for flatter which is why we were looking E OH. She was looking in northern KY and i asked if she wad nuts!

We came in through the 70 and she fell in live with the Eastern half of OH. Then we hit WV and she said we went too far!!! LOL

She also liked IN, but the people we met in OH kind of sold her. Plus how flat it was. No tornados is a plus. I like heavily wooded property. Western atleast near the 70 was sparse, but Eastern started to thicken up real nice! Plus my parents are in Pgh. I would like to stay within 4 hours of them. Close but not too close!
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Medina/Hinckley area is also very very nice. A bit spendy, but your wife would have a better chance at making good money. I lived in Medina Co for 5 years… loved it there. Great county to live in.
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