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Looking for areas to move to


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North Carolina
Southern Columbiana county has some hills and some roads that your wife probably wouldn’t appreciate. If you pay attention too the school closing, lots of the area are the first too close them down. Lots of unimproved roads in the area.


Rolling hills are ok. She does like those. She is from Chicago, so shes no stranger to snow and ice.

There is one intersection here where there is a blind corner and you have to just hit the gas and get on the road asap. Front wheel drive vehicle always peels out there when doing it. People always fly on this road so its a pucker every time...and every time it puts her in a bad mood 😄 She is great and is on board with moving to the middle of nowhere. She just has her bugaboos. We are at the base of the mountains. Seven Springs ski resort is only a few miles away. It is pretty steep in some areas...but I loved these roads back in the day when I had my IROC!


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