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Now Posts as Jesse..
SE Ohio
After having this deer at 44 yards on Saturday, I almost went to the farm to set up on him. Instead, I ended up at my parent’s house and killed my buck on Monday morning. So now I am left with these great pics and two encounters with a buck that had no name. Since Crazy Rack was already in use, I had to come up with something new. I had pics of this buck with sweeping brows that I started calling “Curly”…

When I got these pics of Curly and the “crazy racked buck at the farm”…

I decided I would call this deer Moe. (And yes, there is a Larry!)

Here are the best views of Moe…

And of course, from when I was in the stand watching him parade in front of the camera 70 yards away!!!

I now where this deer is bedding based on our encounter Saturday. I also know how he is getting to the bottom. And I know he is addicted to golden acorns! My wife is ready to get some seat time and the way I see it, she is my hired gun! If she kills this deer, it is as good, or better than if I did. Here is the ground blind we tucked into a patch of brush in the creek bottom. This will be our perch this weekend while we attempt to end the story of Moe before it morphs into a “Deucesque” type story! If this deer survives and I stay on him for next year, you are looking at a new story for the ages!!!



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Southeast Ohio
That is an awesome deer Jesse. You sure have a nack for getting the good bucks on camera! I sure hope Tracie or one of your visiting hunters can put him down. He's one heck of a buck!


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North Central Ohio
What we have here is an over abundance of big buck deer and the lack of myself to help hunt them down lol.

Seriously though. I wish Tracie the best of luck knocking down a big boy this year. I also hope and wish the best of luck to everybody you bring in to have a chance at a great buck as well.