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my first deer ever

my grandpa started me hunting out young , but never let me carry a gun till i was a teenager , he would always hand me the gun when it was time to shoot .........big mistake , cause the suspense of waiting to get my hands on that old 12 gauge always got to me and i couldnt hit the broad side of a barn cause i was to excited .

now after years of blowing out my grandpa's ear drums he figured it was time to get me my own gun , i was extatic to say the least, it was a westernfield model m135b with a clect choke that i still have today , this gun has been through several moves , a fire ,and a flood and still shoots slugs as accurately as ever.

ok now lets fast forward through hundreds of spent shells , lots of deer scared cause i was flinging lead at them as fast as i could load the gun and one accidental drop that busted the stock.

it is now 1998 deer season my grandpa had passed on a few years prior , never to see me kill my first deer . i was 18 hunting alone on a friends property on the last day of shotgun season sitting along a horse trail through a couple hundred acres of woods .

last hour of shooting light and i see 3 deer crossing the path down the hill from me , the buck fever kicks in i start shaking and have to steady myself against a tree , they were walking slowly and i always heard if you make a baaaaaahhhhh sound it will stop them , so i let out a sound that sounded something like some one killing a sheep , to my surprise one was stupid enough to stop and look in my direction.................................BOOOOOOOOOM , that old westernfield belched a chunk of lead right into that deer and she falls over .

now at this point im kinda dumbfounded ,all these years of shooting at deer and finnally one falls over , so i do what any one would do when they shoot thier first deer , i unload my gun and start running as fast as i can to see my prize , i get halfway to the deer and she jumps up and starts walking off , and my grandpas voice keeps running through my head ,"SHOOT TILL THEY DROP " which my brain turned into " SHOOT TILL THEY STOP MOVING" nine shots later she finnaly stopped moving , and not once did i think to shoot her in the head, so as i sit there running through the steps in my head that my grandpa told me on how to gut a deer , my amish nieghbor walks up and proceeds to comment on the swish cheese that used to be my deer laying on the ground, he gives me a pat on the back congradulates me on my first deer then shows me how to gut her , which in my opinion was much easier to learn after watching it being done then some one telling you how to do it.

we drag her out of the woods load her up in my dodge omni and headto the check in station , im smiling from ear to ear and couldnt be more proud of myself , she was a trophy to me, on the way we run into my mom and step dad who congradulated me took a few pictures and headed on thier way .
we get to the check in station where we met up with my cousin who had his daughters with him , so like any proud hunter i blurt out the story of my hunt in one long sentence , my cousins daughter comes around the back of the car looks at the deer and the blood coming out of its nose , then looks back at me , then back at the deer then back at me , then draws back and as hard as she could blasts me right in the crotch and screams " YOU SHOT RUDOLPH NOW CHRISTMAS IS SCREWED" , after every one got done laughing at my pain they decided to help me up off the parking lot where i was screaming like a high pitched banshee and we proceed to shoot the bull the rest of the night .

now this hunt was alot more memorable then just my first deer , it was the last deer season my mom was around and she got to see me with my first deer kill which ment more to me then any trophy sized buck i could ever shoot , she passed away a few months later from cancer
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