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my hard earned deer

well was sitting on the side of a hill over looking a ravine plum full of awesome deer bedding areas , got there bout 6 am , got set up and waited for day light , bout 15 minutes till shooting time the people i had been waiting for showed up , the amish , these guys arent afraid to drive any kind of thicket , and this spot was hells thicket, well shooting time starts and so did the drive. they get about a half hour into the drive and a nice 8 point jumps out inbetween the drivers and standers and high tails it up over the hill , some how he ascaped with out getting hit, so i sit back and watch the drive from my pearch , then i happen to look look over towards my buddy and above him on the hill is the 8 point , my buddy doesnt see him so i whistle at him and point , my buddy cant see the deer cause brush is in his line of sight , so he runs up the hill trying to get a good position on this buck , the buck sees him and bolts along the hill top kinda angled downwards , i realize if the buck keeps his course he will run with in 50 yards of me so i sit stone still and draw my gun up , i follow him down the hill , he is way passed my buddy and closing in on me fast , 90 yards

80 yards

70 yards

he is startingto slow

60 yards

50 yards

i yell at him and he stops dead in his tracks 40 yards
my bead is dead on his chest , my heart is beating so hard i think it might jump out my chest

he turns to look back at my buddy , theres my shot completely broadside , i slowly squeez the trigger


the mossberg kicks me in the shoulder , and thats when i realize

i missed the damn buck from forty yards standing still , no excuse just a clean miss i might of jerked or flinched or whatever but it was an all out miss
well we sitthere for two hours and dont see another deer , the amish keep driving away from us and no one else was driving that area so we packed up an hit my inlaws property , im sitting in my stand winds blowing , im singing the tune from wizard of oz cause for some stupid reason it was stuck in my head, i look over in the briar thicket and see a small doe , she tries to get up and falls over she does this for almost 30 minutes , i grab the binos to take a closer look and i see she has been shot , normally i wouldnt shoot a deer this small , but i could tell she was in pain , some one had gut shot her by her back leg, i have three antlerless tags so i decide to use one on her , she is about 60 yards quartering away from me and i let one fly she drops right in her tracks , it hit a lil back but came out right where i wanted it to right behind the shoulder on opposite sidetook out the heart and a lung , so i did my mercy kill for the year and got me some nice tender meat for jerky



The Happy Hunting Grounds Beyond
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Ashtabula, Ohio
Congrats UK. You did a good thing by taking a surfing deer out. I am sure the meat will be tasty.

Good Job my friend. :smiley_clap:


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To be fair Mark it looks bigger hanging than that picture you sent me!

Good eatin, got that first one out, now go fill the rest of those tags and that buck tag!


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Hudson, OH
Congrats on the doe uglycat! You did the right thing.

I did the same thing you did with your buck a few years back on a doe. Steps into a lane at 40 yards so I let it rip. She jumps and runs striaght at me and stops broadside not 15 yards away. I was sitting there saying, "shit, there is no hole in this deer." Then I was sitting there thinking, what the hell was I doing, why didn't I shuck another shell?!?!? DAMN...so I pump the good old 870 which of course made her take off. The second shot put a hole threw her heart.


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Nice shooting Uglykat (on the doe)! haha Don't worry man, at least you got a shot at a buck! Lots of hunting left this week!


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Up Nort
Just wondering, do the Amish shoot modern weapons and do they buy licenses like the rest of us?


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Just wondering, do the Amish shoot modern weapons and do they buy licenses like the rest of us?

The kids shoot single shot, but it's not uncommon to see the men with an 11-87 or other semi auto!

Bless you my fellow hunter for not being cursed by Yoders.