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My Son's 1st shed (2008)


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Central Ohio
Diablo reminded me of this outing in another thread, so I did some digging, found this post, and thought I'd share the story...

Took the little guy out again on Sunday for about an hour. Buck dog came along too, and pretty much slept all day after getting home.

Anyway, I threw an old shed in the backpack, along with the necessary kid supplies... water, snacks, etc. We walked along for a while, stopping to look at the tracks in the snow, and many other things that caught his attention along the way (turns out pine cones are fascinating to an almost 3 year old).

Just as I could start to see his attention start to fade I suggested we take a break, sit down on a log, and have a snack for a minute. "Sounds good Dad" he says agreeingly. With my body obstructing his view I pull out the shed and place it in my bibs, then turn to him and break out the granola bars and water. We get recharged and continue along the trail. I stopped and looked behind him and suggested I hear some deer to distract him, while I pull out the shed and toss it back on the trail where we will soon be heading. After the "imaginary deer" must have trotted off we continue on the search.

About two steps forward he yells... I mean yells, "DAD A SHED!!" With his eyes as big as saucers and excited as if it's his birthday, he runs over and scoops it up. Proudly hoisting it up for me to see with a smile from ear to ear.......

If I don't find any shed this season it won't bother me at all. The fun I've had experiencing things through his eyes are reward enough!
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Sunbury, OH
Way to go Sean. I have a 4 and 3 year old and they love doing this sort of thing. I might steal your idea!

P.S. If you didn't get my PM your sister is a super nice girl. She will be a great addition to our church.