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New Addition

Its been a busy three weeks for me between trying to put a deer on the ground before the season ended and getting lesson plans for th subs and activities for th kids and cleaning the house, Finally Friday th 11th we added a beautiful baby girl Livie Katherine Parrish. It was a scheduled C-section and I was in the room and it was pretty cool and terrifying to see my wife wide awake with her insides out of her body....I had a new found admiration for her after that day.....here is couple pics of Livie



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NW Ohio Tundra
Aw, congratulations Ryan! That's a beautiful baby.....she must really look like your wife!! Haha!

Now, where are those boobie pictures???

Glad to see you guys are doing well.
Oh yea the smell is pretty nasty.....but what was really funny was how laid back the doctors were...just talking like it was no big deal ...which to them it wasn't.....they were just cussing and telling stories


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Massillon, Ohio
awesome man, nothng better!! I cant believe you watched. I satayed up by her head for the c-section both times. The second time I wanted to watch but hey wouldnt let me for some reason.

Not sure i would have wanted to see that far inside my wife hahahahhaha


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Central Ohio
Congrats on the little one!! And I know what ya mean about watching the C section TOO. My wife had to have that with both our kids & it's a crazy experience to say the least!