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New Hunter Seeking Advice

Hello to everyone at The Ohio Outdoors! I joined the forum this week and glad I found it! I'm an experienced angler and back country hiker/camper - located around Columbus - but only recently started to hunt. I sold my old .308 (used mostly for target shooting) and purchased a compound bow this spring. I went on my first spring turkey hunt this past weekend and came up empty (although I heard some gobbling early which gave me a little confidence). There are less than two weeks left in the season... and with two young kids and a busy work schedule - I'm limited to only a few early morning weekdays to give it a second shot. Does anyone have (or is willing to give me) any advice on productive areas within a 30-45 minute drive of NE Columbus? Is Delaware productive? It's a long shot, but I thought I'd throw the hail mary and see where it lands!

PM me if you'd prefer!

Thanks in advance to any suggestions... and regardless, I'm looking forward to getting involved on this site
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Southwest Ohio
Welcome aboard. You've come to the right place. Tons of great info and AWESOME people here. Pull up a chair and jump right in. I'm of no help based on your location. Good luck


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Welcome! I have no idea about north of Columbus but the Athens area around Strouds Run is a good place. If I only had a couple days and no opportunity to scout that's where I'd go.

I look forward to hearing how your bowhunting goes also. Once turkey season is over our attention turns to deer around here.
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I'll be out tomorrow morning and hopefully twice next week before the season ends... fingers crossed. After that, I'll move on to looking for some tips and scouting for deer this fall with the bow!
Welcome to the forum. I’m of no help to you around Columbus. My advice would be to get as far away from there as possible. Seriously though, I would keep trying where you have heard them before.
Morning 3 at Delaware SP... nothing. I've heard them gobbling out here before... but total silence the last three mornings that I've been out this week. I've tried different spots around the area that I've heard gobbling before. Do I keep at it here next week or should I try to find another park? I'm limited to 3-4 hrs each morning before work... so can't drive too far from the area. The whole work and family thing makes it hard to take up hunting as a career, haha. Any thoughts?
It's an area of about 200 acres of state land - tried to work the perimeter of where I've heard them. Could they have moved on? Hey, at this point - I'm just enjoying my thermos coffee in the woods - so no complaints here still!


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They’re all quiet up this way as well, General consensus is coyotes are on too em when they’re gobbling.... Can’t refute it since guys have been seeing coyotes coming into their calling spots...
Well... turkeys do exist here! I made a rookie mistake that probably cost me an opportunity, but I called him within 40 yards before he either saw/heard me move behind my blind or didn't like something and took off. Either way, I have a little boost of confidence and can chalk this up as a win... and I'll be back next week to finish the job! Photos of a dead turkey and/or napping coyotes to follow next week!