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  1. jagermeister

    Brown Bros. Farms

    With all the discussion lately about cooking and grilling, I figured it'd be a good time to share this Ohio-based source of free-range, non-GMO poultry, beef, and goat meat... available for local pick up AND online ordering with delivery. My cousin started this business in Paris, OH when he was...
  2. jagermeister

    Pressure-Cooked Wild Turkey Legs

    Sorry, I didn't take any pics. But for those of you fortunate enough to harvest a turkey this spring, save those legs and thighs! 2 whole turkey legs (bone in) 3 cups water or broth 1 onion, chopped 4 sticks celery, chopped half stick of butter kosher salt black pepper Place all ingredients...
  3. C

    New Hunter Seeking Advice

    Hello to everyone at The Ohio Outdoors! I joined the forum this week and glad I found it! I'm an experienced angler and back country hiker/camper - located around Columbus - but only recently started to hunt. I sold my old .308 (used mostly for target shooting) and purchased a compound bow...
  4. C

    FOR SALE Another 1187 Turkey Special

    For sale; I have acquired another Remington 1187 Special Purpose Turkey that has the factory Mossy Oak camouflage, 26" barrel. $333 dollars. Includes one IC choke tube.
  5. C

    FOR SALE 1187 turkey special, 21" barrel, mossy oak greenleaf

    I have a Remington 1187 Special Purpose Turkey that has the factory Mossy Oak Green Leaf camouflage. $440 dollars. Includes 1 turkey super full extended factory choke tube, (very, very tight patterns), & 1 modified choke tube.
  6. 0

    turkey call help

    got a new glass call from a friend do you sand the striker or the glass i cant remember what he said
  7. yotehunter

    turkey jerky

    Had a leftover breast in freezer sliced it and made it into jerky.
  8. M

    Turkey still setting on eggs

    Working the cattle today and flushed a hen turkey setting on 9 eggs. She didn't flush till I was 10 ft. away. Scared the living dickens out of me.
  9. Big_Holla

    Turkey poults learning how to fly!

    You have to look closely but there are a few turkey poults learning from momma how to fly!!
  10. k.stone

    Turkey mounts

    I'm planning to get a turkey mounted this year. Any suggestions or thoughts. Pics welcome.
  11. Bowhunter57

    Well... How did your turkey season go?

    It wasn't the fact that I didn't get a turkey, it was the lack of finding the birds. They were all over the place, answering my calls and being seen on a regular basis. Then the farmers planted the fields around the wooded areas and the birds flat out disappeared. I spotted a hen, called a her...
  12. Big_Holla

    Son's first hunt & first turkey!!

    Thought I'd share this with you all, even though it's from Michigan. We had hoped to make it down to Ohio but time just wasn't on our side. My 8 year old son Allen decided he wanted to give hunting a try this year. All winter long he said he wanted to go turkey hunting so once we got his...
  13. Johnch

    One Dumb turkey

    Well I am not turkey hunting this year , because of the head acks But this afternoon I went for a walk on one of the places I have permission to hunt I was just looking to see if any ground hogs were out So I am setting on a stump glassing the feild When I here something behind me...
  14. huntn2

    2013 Ohio Spring Turkey Leaderboard

    Pretty successful opening week for the TOO family! Congrats to all who have taken or assited another hunter in taking a bird in week 1 of the season. I'd like to point out that the youth are sitting in 2nd. Special congratulations to Kody and Andrew. We still have 4 participants not...
  15. Beentown

    DEAL Good deal on a turkey deak...

  16. Mao

    TOO Turkey Camp and Bow Shoot - Who's coming?

    Hey guys. I just wanted to get a head count to see for sure who is going to be coming the weekend of May 4th. I plan to start mowing, getting targets ready, etc etc. before I started to get things going I wanted to see how many people are actually coming. I know a while back quite a few said...
  17. Huckleberry Finn

    Turkey Yotes

    So who is going to call in a coyote and shoot it this month? Man, I could not believe the amount of yipping and barking I heard from 5am to daybreak...that'll always raise the hair on the back of your neck...not like howling, but still...pitch dark and the yotes still running for the night...
  18. cotty16

    Old Scout Hits Home Run

    My dad, Old Scout, texted me awhile ago "big story to tell u". I figured that meant he either got himself a Gobbler or had a wild story to tell. How about both? I got ahold of him and he began to tell me a wild one! I'll let him tell the story when he gets time later on, but I know it...
  19. "J"

    Turkey hunting incident

    Brimfield Ohio had a turkey hunter get shot in the face this morning.... They are in the process of turning it over too the DNR... More too follow when I find the article....
  20. lung buster

    Andrew's 1st turkey

    Andrew was able to harvest his 1st turkey this morning at 7:10 and we were still able to make it to church on time,lol! Andrew started turkey hunting last season and he had a chance at one but we just couldn't make it happen. He hunted so hard last year and I felt that he "deserved" a shot...