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No Till Food Plots - So Easy


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We will never stop learning and sharing!

Just a few of the samples we are sending in for evaluation this year.

We are stepping up our game in testing and not only doing the @wardlabs soil health assessment but also PLFA and TND testing. This will give us a complete picture of what’s happening in our soils both from a chemical but more importantly- biological perspective!!

Well be sure to continue to share and help y’all where we can! Thanks for following!!



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Do you like hinge cuts or flush cuts!?

Well - I like both! Here is a spot that I really like using hinge cuts. This is feathering a field between the road.

I don’t want deer using this area much and I also want to make it physically and visually more difficult for a person to get through. That’s why I choose to hinge cut this and mix in flush cuts as well.

This feathering released several red oaks. Will add food to the edge of the plot - allowing the plot to feed even more deer. Will add security to the plot. Will push/funnel deer between the plot and a proven stand location. Will act as great habitat for grouse and turkeys.

Small changes and a little time with a saw can accomplish a lot fast. Hinge cut or flush cut - just get outside. Be safe and get sunlight to the ground.

We’ll be planting soon!!



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Why would you start a seed company?

I absolutely love soils.

I love working with growers to help them achieve their goals.

I love all things whitetails

I love soil science

I love to explain how these can work together to help us reduce inputs and grow healthier plants.

But if I had to pick one thing - it would easily be, the people.

I love the customers. I love working with them and talking to them and getting pictures like this!!

Jared and I both sincerely appreciate all the customers. We know there are a lot of choices in this market. When you give us a chance to
work with you - it’s sincerely appreciated. Thank you all.

Have a safe planting season! It’s go time in the South!!

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