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nuisnence trappers


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I dropped my nuisance permit a few years ago due to work and family obligations. Another annoyance was the calls for bats, bees and and other crap I didn't want to deal with. Skunks under my house are good ones as are there's coon in my attic. It's also fun to get calls for beaver that got me excited only to find out someone else had trapped them out long ago.


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the yotes have been going crazy behind my house would love to get some just not sure how to do it , nerever got much into traping any help would be great


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NW Ohio
Ask me in November and I'll give ya all the verbal help you can stand. Trapping now,(keep in mind this is my opinion and you do what you like), because of the chances of non-target catches is irresponsible. Some think that what the chances are but killing a yote or two isn't worth killing or crippling a fox or any other season fur bearer. Have a GW find a fox in your trap and get ready to do alot of useless fast talking,(if that's the only thing that would stop ya). Again maybe its my age now but I can't kill stuff just to do it and that includes song dogs. Again just me but I'd rather see a yote mousing a meadow that a deer standing there any day. JMO:D


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I have been doing nuisance work for friends and family for years. I recently retired and have opened my own business doing nuisance work. That will include bats, birds, beaver, geese and more. Something to do for fun and will keep me busy.