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Official TOO Catch Thread


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NW Ohio Tundra
Here is a real nice brown trout I caught last week

And here are some sauger and a trout from last week also......The largest sauger is 24" and was caught out of a small river.



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Crawford county
been out a few times this spring. Thursday was the best so far. caught a dozen or so crappie. This 12 inch female was the biggest of the day.

I thought it was a bass at first because of how dark green her back is, she is a white crappie, but I've never seen one with such a dark back. maybe a cross between a black and a white? she was full of eggs so she went back in. looks like the warm weather is moving them up in to the shallows. redcloud and I are putting the canoe in on sunday.
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Crawford county
Well, after hearing from my neighbor that the crappies were biting hard at clearfork on saturday, redcloud and decided to fish there today. We heard from everyone there that they were absolutely slaying them yesterday....


...Not so much.

We still had an awsome day on the water. only caught 13 - 15 crappies but still had a great time.

this was the first fish of the day. I knew as soon as I hooked it, it was no crappie. turned out to be a 14 inch largemouth.

this 12 inch white was the biggest crappie of the day.

candid camera, thats a fisherman right there.

hopefully we can get out there for some more soon.


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NW Ohio
Was going to start my own, then I saw this thread. Perfect place for us as we are not huge fishermen (and women).

Started the day with church, lunch, lounging. Decided we needed to enjoy the beautiful day and couldn't decide where to go. Decided upon fishing, then had to figure out where? Talked to Tree Monkey and struck a deal on the shotgun I was borrowing. Decided to head down by the lake, pay him for the shotgun and fish Grand Lake St Marys.

Fishing was slow the first hour or so. Once it started, it started fast. Graci started out with what I think was a decent bass. Not a monster, but pretty dang good for a 10yr old using a bobber and worm. Then Erin got in on the action with a bluegill. Now the boys decided they needed to fish in the same place Erin and Graci were fishing. Geoffrey ended up with a catfish, and followed it up with a crappie. Garrett and I were skunked. Somewhere in there Erin caught a short but chunky sunfish. All in all, a pretty decent afternoon with the family on the water. Decided to follow it up with some DQ and the country route to drive home. Maybe this should be in the TOO good thread? lmao


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