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Official TOO Catch Thread


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A buddy and i hit a local spillway last night. 4 of these fish were Fish Ohio's. Not pictured were the 4 crappie and 2 pike we kept. We snagged and released another 6-8 eyes and probably 20 crappie each

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Had a blast with my dad and my daughter today. Caught a bunch of spots. A couple of nicer ones. We always keep spotted bass for the grease. Dnr down here is really encouraging people to not throw them back and quite frankly i find them delicious. Abi had a great day reeling them in on the light spinning gear. All fish were caught on 4 inch zoom centipedes in watermelon candy color. Fish were super shallow today many in like a like a foot of water. Great day to have 3 generations in dads boat and i know he was proud. Hope yall enjoy