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Ohio Turkey Harvests - 2012

IMG_1953 copy.jpg IMG_1258 copy.jpg IMG_1256 copy.jpg Copy of IMG_1951 copy.jpg " TEAM 8 STRUT STOPPERS" Monday morning havest.Two year old bird has an 8" beard,1" spurs, 19#. My buddy was on the same land with me and he also took a nice 2 year old bird with a longer beard,about an hour and a half ahead of me. Crappy great day!!!! Merle
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Hudson, OH
Reminder for all...

For your birds/youth bonuses to be scored in the contest, they must be posted in this thread. Additionally, to receive all potential points, all the apropriate detail and pictures outlined in the opening post must be provided. That includes pictures of each spur measurement.

The required information/pictures are as follows:

Team Name
Hunter Name
For "buddy birds" the Caller Name and Callers Team Name
Beard Lengths
Spur Lengths
State of harvest
Picture of the Hunter with the bird and legal tag
Picture of each beard and spur measurement
If a "buddy bird", please include a picture of the caller

To earn youth/new hunter bonus points, please simply post a picture from the hunt.
IMG_1255.jpg My grandson Jerrod heading to the blind Sat. morning 4-21-12 at 5;15 a.m.,was raining like "H". Got wet and cold. Stayed in the blind until 10;00 a.m.,never saw a bird.We will go out again this Sat. hopefully a dry one. Hopefully this pic. will do for the contest. Team 8 Strut Stoppers. Merle
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I've always wanted to take a picture with a turkey on those rocks. It's out at me and cotty's sportsmans club. I have also been trying to teach my dad how to take good harvest pics. Not showing too much above the head, removing the weeds from the picture, cool backgrounds, and taking lower angle photos. I think I may make an outdoor photographer out of him after all. It definitely doesn't look like Ohio except for the powerline and the big rolling hill.


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NW Ohio Tundra
Checking in for Team 9. Youth bonus points for my son, killed this 22lb bird on April 21.

Sorry about the crappy pictures....camera is shit. The white thing around the neck is the paper tag.

Here is field photo of bird......

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