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once in a life time picture

was sitting down that the lake talking with some customers , we heard a big splash and thaught some one fell in , well apperently deer cant read the no swimming sign , thaught it was a pretty cool pics to share with you guys



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Massillon, Ohio
about two months ago, I watched a fawn with spots still on swim across yellow creek right in front of my docks. I went down to get a closer look and the thing took off right in to the water and swam to the other side.....i was very surprised


Staff member
Pretty cool pics Mark. Years ago, there was a 150-class 10-point that swam the Ohio river during the rut from one of the islands down here, to the main land. He ran 200 yards across a field, crossed a busy road, and ran out of steam as he tried to clear a brick and wrought iron fence that is roughly 6' tall. The buck was impaled on the fence and died hanging there, still soaking wet from swimming the river. My old baseball coach was in the area when it happened and snapped pictures of it, then got to keep the rack after he contacted the DNR. I'll have to see if those pictures are still around...


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N.E. O-H-I-O
Cool action sequence. I have seen them swim across a creek where I hunt. It is cool to see them shake off the water just like a dog.


The Crew
Swanton, Ohio
We have an early season stand overlooking a small pond. A couple years ago I no sooner settled in on a hot afternoon and the deer started showing up. Ended up with three does and their 5 fawns around the pond. The does only got a drink and kept watch while the 5 fawns chased each other around in the water like kids at a pool. It was quite the spectacle!!!