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Only 2 interesting pic's

I pulled the card from the camera in the woods behind the house
Only 50 something pics in 2 weeks

Only 2 were interesting

One is a fawn that still has it's spots and is small
My guess the doe was breed late last year

It will be small when season starts , might still have the spots

Bet it would taste great and tender :smiley_crazy:

The other is a pic that shows how wide and tall one of the 10 points are ( both are now true 10's ) :pickle: :pickle:



  • fawn.JPG
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  • d.JPG
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I didn't have crap on my cams. I hope you get a shot at the 10.

Mike , have faith
This time of the year
A lot of the deer around my place move into the corn feilds

As it not only gives them great cover
But also food and fewer skeeters than the woods

Closer to season when the corn drys out
The deer use it a little less
As when it is windy , the dry corn makes a lot of noise and the deer preferr to move into the woods to bed then
Also as soon as the acorns start to drop
The deer zero in on them