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Oven Baked Breaded Squirrel


*Supporting Member*
Wash and cut up your squirrels, you should get four legs and a back.

Mix up a few eggs and some milk. Let the pieces soak a bit in this and then coat them with your favorite breading. I had some Louisiana fish breading on hand for tonight's squirrels. You can also dredge them in flour before they go into the egg/milk mixture.

I like to brown mine in bacon grease and then drain on paper towels.

Next I'll add some broth (chicken or beef) to a roasting pan and layer the pieces and then bake at 250 for 4 hours.

If you put the squirrel on a rack in your pan you will have plenty of broth and drippings for gravy. I forgot to this time and the breading soaked up all the juice.

We had fried red taters and onions, corn, and biscuits with ours tonight.

What a great meal!