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Pew pew 2022


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Keene, OH
Congratulations on the harvests! - nice shots/deer! This cold front ought to kick it up a bit I'm hoping.

It just blew in!


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That sticker can be removed five days after my funeral and not a day sooner. I don’t recall why I left it on there to begin with, but it was on there and a buddy some here know as “Sig” was really bothered by it. He has offered a fair sum of money to Mason to take it off. The offered amount has increased every time he has seen a pic of that gun laying on a dead deer. I sent him a pic this morning. His reply, “ I’ll find Mason’s price”. The sticker stays...
Brock.... Looking at that pic, I suggest you get some glue as that sticker is starting to curl on that one edge...
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