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Pigeon Forge / Gatlinburg


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Ok fellas... in two weeks I'm taking the family to Pigeon Forge for the week. Coming along are two ther families; My brother, his wife and their two kids as well as my buddy, his wife and their two kids. So we have a total of 13 people. We are staying in a log home up in the mountains above the city.
I know I had questions before on here, but darned if I can find the thread.

So, I'm looking for you guys who have made the trip to the Pigeon Forge area to give me some pointers. We are looking to raft, horseback ride, hit the lake, etc...
Of course, we will be enjoying going out to eat and the town life as well.

I've found some sites online that deal with rafting and stuff, but maybe you guys have a particular place you went to that is good?
The ages of the kids range from 4-11 so I'm not looking at major rapids or anything.

I've also been looking at Douglas Lake for renting a pontoon and was wondering if that might be worth it.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

DJK Frank 16

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Hardin County


Calhoun's BBQ
Alamo Steak House
Smoky Mountain Brewery (decent food and you can taste all their microbrews while you are there)
Bubba Gumps Shrimp Co. (the actual place and the environment is better than the food IMO, but if you haven't been there you have to go once)
Puckers Sports Bar and Grill (Ice cold beer and great prices on appetizers). Nice place to stop in for a beer or two if it's just you and the wife.
Hogs and Honey Bar (Directly above Puckers, comes off as a biker bar, but they TOO have cold beer and play some great classic rock tunes. Nice place to stop and take a break when your on the strip).
NoWayJose's Mexican Cantina - I've never been to this one myself, but my aunt and some other locals we talked to down there absolutely raved about it.

Also, there are a couple of different pancake houses down there, haven't been to one I didn't like, so I would just see which one is closest to you. Some in Pigeon Forge as well.

Before you leave, about half way down the strip, there is the Smoky Mountain Fudge place, you gotta try it.


Ripley's Believe It Or Not Museum
Ripley's Haunted House
Ripley's Aquarium (never done this one myself, but seems popular)
Hollywood Wax Museum
Hillbilly Golf
Cooter's Place (if you liked the Duke's of Hazzard show)
Treasure Golf (if you are only going to do one putt putt, do Hillbilly Golf, it's a lot more fun as it's on the side of a mountain)
Mirror Maze
Sky Lift (ski lift up the mountain. You can see all of Gatlinburg at the top, I recommend doing this at night as everything is all lit up and very cool to see)
Space Needle (Another great place to get a view of Gatlinburg

Everything above I believe can be walked to once you are parked and on the strip.

The two below I would only recommend if you can afford to spend 3/4 to a full day at them. If not you may not get your money's worth.

Dollywood (Amusement Park and Splash Country)
Ober Gatlinburg (Indoor Games and Amusement Park. Also, if you ride the Tram up to Ober, you get an awesome view of the mountains. I believe the tram leaves right from the strip, but you will want to double check that one.

Pigeon Forge

I don't think we've ever ate anywhere in Pigeon Forge, so you're on your own on this one, but I think I did see a Smokehouse BBQ that I would like to try sometime.


Comedy Barn (Good clean Comedy that the whole family can enjoy)
Magic Show (We did this two years ago, it's pretty decent if you are into that kind of thing. The kids may enjoy it more)
Dixie Stampede (if you haven't seen one of these shows it's worth it)
Wonderworks (I believe that is the name, everything is upside down)
Titanic (New attraction, we didn't get to go, but my aunt says it's so popular right now that they are asking for a day or two advance reservation).

Zip lining is taking over down there right now, there were 5 or 6 new places that were offering zip lining that I hadn't seen down there a couple years ago. We didn't do it but sounds like fun.

Bungee Jumping, Go-Karts, Arcades, and Whitewater Rafting you can almost find an advertisement or place about every couple hundred yards. We've done most of them and none really stick out as being a ton better than the others. I would just check papers and mags for a discount or the best price and go for it.


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South East Ohio
If your going to rent a boat, and they have the Deckboats get one cause they are awesome fun like a runabout and they usually hold up too 14 people. When we went to Branson last year we rented one and my kids and their cousins had a blast with the tube...... They are a cross between a pontoon and a runabout...


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Gods Country
Just took the family 2 summers ago. The only thing I can really talk about in Gatlinburgh is the sky lift. I would say go up during the day as there is plenty for the family to do. There is an indoor ice skating rink, water slides, other ski lifts to take you all the way to the top of the mountain and luge racing which is a load of fun to do with the kids.

Pigeon forge

The first three shows that Frank mentioned are all good family entertainment.

I have a very fond memory about the magic show because my mom was involved in it, and she so owned the magician. She literally made the show that night. Afterwords the magician thanked her and told her that was one of the funnest shows he had done in years and it was because of her.


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I'm leaving tomorrow morning and I can't friggin wait! I love to travel and I love to get away. Our plan is to go do the tourist thing by day and drink beer (wine for the ladies) in the evenings around the campfire. :smiley_cheers::smiley_cocktail: I'm sure we will do some cooking out as well since my one buddy that is going might give Dale a run for his money on the grill. :smiley_cooking:
I hope the weather cooperates and I hope I have at least $1 when I get back. :redface:

I'll try like hell to get pics of all walks of life. Funny fat chicks and hot skinny ones, but no promises. The best place to take the camera would be the water park, but the water may cause a problem...:smiley_chinrub:

Anyways, after tonight, if you don't hear from me for awhile you know where I am. I'm sure I'll be checking in though. I'm a TOO addict and a week away would kill me. I'd get the shakes and shit.:smiley_baby:


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NW Ohio
Don't forget the BassPro in Kodak/Sevierville area! Beef Jerky Outlet next door! Do yourselves a favor and spend some time in the Smokies. You will be right there at the entrance to the park. Look up Cades Cove. Well worth the time spent. Tons of deer, turkeys, and bear too check out there! Obviously early morn or eves are best times to see the wildlife. Have fun!


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Sunbury, OH
Let me find the name of it but one of the Parks down there have repopulated the Elk and I was able to get real close and get pics of a 6x6. Bears everywhere....it was just cool to this flatlander.



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I have no cell service at our vacation home!!! I'm at Kroger waiting in the wife and figured I'd check in. I'm having TOO withdrawals.
Even the Internet sux so I can't get on.
However the house is awesome! I'll post pics ASAP.
We did Splash Country today and now it's beer thirty.


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Sunbury, OH
Was it Cades Cove Beentown?

The wife is digging for her album she made for the trip and we will see if it was that one. I did alot of hiking, fishing, and canoeing while down there. I know I went to Cades but can't remember if that is the one. I think it was.



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Finally got some wifi!!!

Here's a few pics