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Rain Finally!


Junior Member
Dayton, Ohio
I planted some strips of brassicas on Tuesday and after looking on the radar the area my property is located at is finally getting some significant rain. They have thunderstorm warnings posted and flood warnings. Looks like we could see significant rain fall which is good because it's suppose to be in the mid 90's through Saturday. They are predicting rain again Friday through Monday. This rain could not have came at a better time. :pickle: Hopefully it rains again later in the week to encourage growth. We're suppose to have a cool down Sunday with high's only reaching in the low 80's.


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Supporting Member
Yep that's awesome, man. Those brassicas are going to take off like rockets now! I planted some "test seeds" in my garage last week, and they're already 2-3" tall sprouts.


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NW Ohio
I was thinking the same thing around here tonight. We got a strong storm that came through with water just running off the roads and fields. Not really the slow, steady rain we needed, but a good amount of much needed precipitation.

DJK Frank 16

Senior Member
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Hardin County
So how much rain did you guys get? I don't keep track, but noticed the ground was still pretty damp this morning. I slept through all the storms and stuff.