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Random weather thread


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North Central Ohio
Whole Lotta nothing even though the 2 super cells combined right on top of the area.



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Some pea sized hail, up to dime sized here in East guernsey. gusts to 55-60. And sustained winds around 30 while the cells were pushing through. Nothing I haven’t seen hundreds and hundreds of times down in Florida. Wish they would have rolled through at night though lol I love drinking beer and watching and listening to thunder and lightning.


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North Carolina
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Make it stop!!!! Somebody!!!!!
We had that last week. Front moved through and stalled over us. Today was a shitshow of a forecast. But nothing happened other than a 1/4” of rain. Radar showed green, red and purple. Don’t know if it went towards @Clay Showalter or not, but it sure the hell didn’t happen here…. We have a whirlpool garden tub, whenever fowl weather is forecasted I fill it up. Never know when power outages will come or the length of them. I’ll leave it filled through the weekend just in case. It’s pretty bad when the wife even started doing it when I wasn’t home too…. 😂

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It started raining last night here and the wind really picked up today. It’s not supposed to stop until tomorrow afternoon/evening. We get a break from the rain every now and then but it doesn’t last long…but the wind never stops. I’ve got dead tree branches scattered all over the yard. Monday will be a cleanup day for sure.
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