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Random weather thread

Clay Showalter

Southern member northern landowner
Guilford County
We’ve got some fowl weather moving through down here, went from 95 too 74 and it’s a comfortable 74. I’ll take it! @Clay Showalter you seeing the same? Was heading your direction.
Yea man we got soaked, not damage but lots of lighting and thunder, just a few seconds of hail, but we got 2.5 inches of rain in about 40 minutes, it was coming down!


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Keene, OH
Very interesting that there are still thousands of homes w/o power - I can't find a solid story on what the heck happened but over the week they got 6,000 back on-line with 3,000 more to go. Guys gotta be getting wore down out on the line....

From their PIO. 6/16/22 We thank all of our members for your patience! We still have three substations with no power, and many lines needing repaired throughout our territory. We were able to get about 1,000 members restored yesterday and are thankful for that. Our crews along with outside crews are working very diligently to get everyone restored. Due to the overwhelming amount of damage, we are predicting restoration between today and Sunday.


Clay Showalter

Southern member northern landowner
Guilford County
Well boys I thought that this evening was the end, was outside storms a coming, heard the freight train, trees started swirling, heard a few trees break in the woods. Crazy winds for about 15 minutes, I am talking high gusts, the strongest winds I have seen around here in a long time.

this is a huge tree that blew over right down the road from me, got part of the goat pin but he is ok.


Bass Whisperer
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North Carolina
We had storms but most of it was southeast. Wondered if y’all got anything. Damn glad y’all didn’t have any major damage.


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Grove City
Dang the weather was a nice surprise this morning. Gonna be a beautiful weekend!

Unfortunately, we're back to being hotter than a four pecker billy goat all next week.


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In a bar
I drove through the area that had the tornado last week by @RedCloud . That area was pretty torn up. Surprised I didn't hear more about it. Torn up enough that I gave him a call to see if he needed anything. Always depressing when you see an area torn to bits like that.


Super Moderator
Super Mod
Somewhere OHIO
Thanks for checking in Dave. The main road in Mt Gilead was reopened this morning. Still a few line trucks buttoning up a few poles and lines. All the trees have been cut up and moved off the road and are now at the side of the curb. Missed me by 8 miles Monday night. Driving to work Tuesday in the dark was a trip that's for sure.